Mag. Arno Uhl

Circus Artist, Streetperformer, Physical Theatre Actor, Activist, Historian

After graduating the university of Vienna with an Master degree in history, Arno went to the Circus- and Theatre-School “CAU” in Granada. There and in dozens of workshops he developed a wide range of skills. His specialities are the connection of circus with theatrical dramaturgy, solo- and partner acrobatics, object manipulation (contact staff), pantomime, capoeira, belly and contemporary dance.

Arnos circus career started most likely 2005, when he began to regularly tour with different fire groups through South- and East Europe in the summer. He founded the “C3” (Curious Circus Collective) and took part in the production of two circus-theatre-plays (2012 and 2014) as actor and co-director. With André Reitter he started his most important project “Dada Zirkus” in 2013. Their first show was invited to stages and festivals in Austria, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Slovenia and Italy. 2016 they produced the surrealistic circus play “Picknick for One” and toured through Austria with 32 shows. In two 2017 Arno founded also the “Flame Rain Theatre”. He also played in stage and street productions for the companies “Theater Ansicht” (2018), “CIA Tétáté” (2018) and “TANZ*HOTEL” (2019). To push contemporary circus in Austria he organized since 2010 more than 15 variety shows. Additionally he works as a teacher in acrobatics, physical theatre and political performance art in institutions like the “VHS Meidling” and the “University for Applied Arts Vienna”.

Already during his time in school he was intensively involved in creative protest and social activities, like the “SpielerAI” (theatre of the oppressed group of “Amnesty International”), the “Rebel Clown Army”, the founding of the first Austrian free-shop 2005, the organization of the congress of solidarity economy 2009 and more.